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Parking Information

Our parking lot can be busy, and parents are responsible for keeping it safe! 
The parking lot is for staff, please park on the street. 
GRADES 2 - 5:  
For drop-off, pull all the way to the front of the drop off loop (by ESS) ensuring that you are not blocking the crosswalk as you exit to Eastbourne.   There is a no parking zone in front of the loop as you travel from Eastbourne to Highland Ranch Road.  This small lane allows parents to turn right into the parking lot, without blocking traffic.   NEVER CROSS THE DOUBLE YELLOW LINE to get around the cars attempting to turn into the parking lot.  Students will enter through the double gates at the playground and go directly to class.   Students will also be dismissed from this gate.   Parents may use either loop to pick up students in these grade levels (the one in front of the office or the ESS loop).
These students should be walked onto campus.  Students will enter and exit school through the green gates.  Parents should NOT park in the parking loop for students in these grades.  They should park off campus and walk in.
Our Safety Patrol starts the second week of school.  Show them the respect they deserve.   Let’s keep it safe at the Ranch!