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Healthy Celebrations

Healthy Celebrations at Highland Ranch:  From birthday parties to holidays, there are so many celebrations at school. Along with the fun, usually comes food. Just one school party can include pizza, sugary juice drinks, chips, cake, ice cream plus a goodie bag.   As class size has increased, birthdays are celebrated 1 to 2 times per week. We are asking parents to avoid sending and sugary snacks and drinks. Instead, find other ways to recognize the child, celebrate them, and make them feel special. Taking time out to hand out treats can take away from your child’s learning day especially for our youngest Stallions!  Please do not believe items that disrupt student learning, like balloons.  Save those for after school.
Suggestions for classroom parties: Shift the focus from food to fun. Include sign-ups for healthy foods and that each party including more than one junk food item. If possible parties will be after lunch for the treats so they don’t replace a healthy lunch. Limit birthday parties to once a month.
On your child’s birthday consider giving a book on your child’s birthday instead of treats or a goodie bag. If your teacher allows treats, consider something healthy.  Save the candy for special treats at home. 
School Wellness Policy: The district recognizes the positive relationship between good nutrition, activity, and the capacity of students to develop and learn. The district is committed to providing a learning environment that supports and promotes wellness, proper nutrition, nutrition education, physical education, and a regular physical activity as part of the school learning experience. (Section 5.31 School Wellness Policy)
Allergies:  Allergies to peanuts/nuts are a growing problem. Please check with your child’s teacher before providing classroom snacks that contain any nut products.  Remember all snacks need to be purchased, sealed, and individually wrapped with ingredients listed.